3 Signs You Have Instant Chemistry Because You Were Soulmates In A Past Life

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Could this be your soulmate from a past life?

By Sarah Lawrence — Last updated on Nov 11, 2022

When you met someone, and seem to have instant chemistry and connection, you may be wondering if you found your soulmate.

While that may be true, it could also be a karmic relationship from your past life.

Do you sometimes think that you have been in love with a person in a previous life? We’ve all contemplated and chatted with friends about the possibility of past lives.

We’ve all uttered the mindless comment, “Oh I bet you were a (such-and-such) in a past life!” Then there’s some laughter and the conversation moves on. It’s just something people say, right?

Perhaps you meet someone and you feel so connected and familiar with each other, even at the first meeting. It’s such a deep, strong connection with someone that it overrides all reason and thought. Even if it isn’t the right time and place for a relationship, you find yourself having feelings for a person which are completely surprising and possibly even completely out of place.

Somehow, you just know you have been together with this person before, but there is no way of knowing for sure. It’s just a feeling that you have or an idea in your mind. Or is it?

What are the signs that a love connection is also a past life connection?

Reincarnation is an ancient spiritual belief, as old as time. How could we know for sure that it applies to our love life? In truth, people can only create beliefs about a complex subject like this from direct personal experience. That is what the personal journey of spirituality is all about.

What do you do with an inkling that a past life connection is in the cards for you? So what happens when a past life connection is reignited through a love relationship?

Here are 7 signs that you’ve met your past life soulmate.

1. Something feels extremely familiar about this person.

What so fascinating about a new connection you make this way, is that the person seems so familiar. How can that be when you have only just met them?

Well, one way that this can manifest is that you recognize their face. In my experience to date, reincarnated souls have the same or very similar features time after time. I’ve even been in face-reading groups where I have learned to watch people’s past lives changing on their faces.

Other than a change in hair color, eye color or skin color, most people’s faces retain the same basic features in each life.

Another sensation you might experience is that the person ‘feels’ very familiar.

This could simply be that they have a similar background and upbringing to you, which would be one explanation. If it’s not that, then it’s possible that your souls have met before, so you have unfinished business to complete. This will explain the feeling of familiarity and the sense of being drawn to that person.

2. Your subconscious is activated strongly by them.

How does this manifest? One way is through having powerful dreams about the person – and not just sexual ones!

These dreams are more about you living a life in what seems to be a different place and time, even a different country. The dream may even be set in a time period that you have a secret fascination for or a country you have always felt drawn to.

This fascination is a very strong sign that you may have lived a previous life with this person and that it was a positive and happy experience for you.

If you are very sensitive, or even energy sensitive, you might find that you create a very easy connection with this person. This will include knowing when they are going to call you, thinking about them at the same time they think about you and having similar thoughts and ideas when you are together.

This kind of merging is common when you are very in love with someone, many of us have experienced it, and it is wonderful. Take care though, and make sure you get to know this person extremely well this time around before you make any big commitments.

This is because any souls that have spent previous lives together may have created situations and circumstances between them which haven’t been cleared up yet. This is why it’s a good idea to deeply consider the third sign below.

3. You feel an undeniable pulling sensation toward them.

Even if it doesn’t seem like the timing is good and the person is not necessarily even your type the pulling sensation is so strong you almost can’t help yourself! As wonderful as this may feel, it’s a good idea to experience being with this person for a while without going all in emotionally, and dare I say, financially.

If this person is a past life love, what is most important to understand is that you have reincarnated here together for a reason. People reincarnate to repeat life situations and love situations to help them work out their personal issues and clear karma.

So, if you have been with this person before, you will feel drawn to them and even have powerful sexual chemistry with them.

Our Western upbringing tells us this chemistry is a great thing and that it surely is love. Watch out though!

Sometimes a big sexual pull has to do with something you need to work out, either in your present life or from past life situations that need to be revisited and worked through because karma was created.

Karma means work, sometimes drama, sometimes lots of emotion and introspection. So celebrate that you are self-aware enough to notice the signs that a past life love might be here with you. Stay balanced, enjoy the journey, and focus on you. Then you will both grow from the experience.

past life soulmate signsImage Credit: Canva

4. Your interests and leisure activities interwine.

When you begin asking what your person enjoys to do, have you found that their interests and hobbies are eerily similar to yours? Look at their passion projects — have you done the same?

Maybe you both are apart of a specific group — online or in-person — dedicated to what you love. Sharing passion for the same things strengthens the pull you already naturally feel.

If you enjoy the same things and experiences, you may have realigned with your past life soulmate

5. You feel at home instantly.

The warmth and safety you feel when you are with that person — that is home. From the moment they were in your presence, you felt a feeling that made you let your guard down and be your authentic self.

You immediately feel the need to reveal the parts of you that are usually under lock and key.

How does it feel when you have worked all day, and you come home to your space, and unwind. That is the feeling your past life soulmate brings.

6. Your communication with one another doesn’t require words.

One look, a slight touch, or facial expression. You know what each other is saying without the use of words. You are not hesitant to look deep in their eyes, even upon first meeting them. Their gaze does not intimidate you, rather it invites you in to stay, and you accept the invitation.

Once your hands touch, it’s almost as if electrical impulses are exchanged, supercharging your attraction. All that needs to be said is expressed without uttering a single, verbal command.

You can tell what your past life soulmate is feeling and thinking without asking.

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